Our services


As Certified Auditors (ROC), a competence attributed by the Statute of the Certified Auditors Order, we analyze and certify financial information requested by different users (e.g. shareholders, investors, managers).

We believe that it’s imperative that there is a constant improvement in our audit services, so, using the latest technology, we are able to ensure the efficiency of our work and provide greater confidence to our customers in pursuing their business goals, managing risks and improving business performance.

We work to ensure transparency and compliance with our clients’ legal obligations, not only with regard to their financial reports, but also in the context of company incorporation or liquidation, projects certification, and other situations in which specific audits are required.

Tax Consulting

A company’s fiscal strategy is increasingly proving to be a major factor in its competitiveness.

Our tax team works not only to ensure that our clients comply with their tax obligations, but mainly to promote the permanent optimization of their tax bill.

Whether by answering specific client's questions, advising corporate restructurings, supporting during tax inspections or litigation, or even by proactively looking for opportunities to reduce the tax burden, our intention is always to ensure that tax matters do not take on excessive importance neither in our clients' daily lives nor their pockets, moving focus away from truly relevant economic decisions.

Management Consulting

Diagnosing, intervening, solving, pioneering and adding value are some of the requirements imposed by today's markets, so we believe that our customers should expect no less

Our knowledge of the different sectors and technical know-how allows us to anticipate new opportunities and devise new strategies that can help you face an increasingly competitive economic environment.

From advising on transactions, corporate restructuring or internationalization strategies, to improving the company's performance, our spectrum of services is constantly growing, adjusting to customer needs.